The Great Grass War

Well, ever since the early fall of the year two thousand and fifteen, when the notion of a grass free kingdom was first considered, and consequently a war of eradication declared, a brutal struggle has ensued, between the insidious roots of bermuda, the tick dense thatch of augustine, and my weapon of choice, the therapeutic shovel.

Now today, with two thousand and seventeen just beyond the bend, the war, unfortunately is still far from over. However, to concede is completely totally absolutely unthinkable, thus new battle plans are to be hatched, and at last, or at least I hope, victory will be mine before we see another New Years. I just must keep front and center those famous words, Never give up! Never surrender!


3 thoughts on “The Great Grass War

    • Thanks, It doesn’t look good, for the grass has called in backup in the form of rain, but I am so delighted with the water for my trees, that I will be all to happy to call a cease fire for it 😉


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