Someday Never Comes

I had been living at my parents to help them out in their time of need, however I am now back home. The crisis situation has been rectified, and besides, I was becoming a nuisance to have around. For I could not change myself to suit their way of living, and also foolishly, had some expectations that some kind of routine could be developed, so that I could resume some relationship with the ones I had left behind. Silly me. Anyway, it is their life, not mine, so it is for the best.

Still, I do not regret having tried. I learned so much about myself, and more importantly, received more affection from my mother in that short amount of time, than in the entire span of the rest of my life. It soothed a deep hurt, even if it was Alzheimers induced. The Lord can use the bad for good, and I thank Him for that.

One of things I learned is that someday never comes, because if you put off your life, and do not make the desires of your heart a priority, you will never find the time to live, and love, and go adventuring. Old age and inability will just creep up and take you captive while you’re waiting for that someday when everything is perfect, and that’s never going to happen. So I have decided to consider, perhaps maybe, being more proactive in how I structure my day dreams. Yep!

❤️ Blessings Belinda


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