The Further Adventures of Bat Bunny and Toasty the Cat that lived

I finally managed to get the artichokes in the ground, and thank goodness rabbits do not like them, for she has managed to eat most everything I have planted here. I was surprised to discover how much she likes the fallen leaves off the apricot tree, and I have given up on having strawberries here. As soon as it stops raining, I will go out and dig them up and put them in pots until I can get a raised planter built. Then I have decided to fill this space with flowers and such and let her have a feast. It is really quite delightful to watch her demolish them. Sometimes I like to imagine that she knows how much I enjoy watching her, because she will often come sit in the parkway way outside my kitchen window just when I am doing the dishes or such. How she manages to avoid getting captured eludes me.

Toasty is all grown up and as mischievous as only a cat can be. She, of all our animals, is spoiled rotten. What is it with cats which makes this seem only natural, perhaps it is their obvious appreciation of it….hum I wonder? Well anyway, she survived her youth, and my son’s vacation unscathed, so I became quite complacent regarding her still being around when my son comes home from school in June. Big mistake that was, my heart dropped when my daughter came in last week and told me Toasty had been hit by a car. So, many dollars later, and permission to be in the house, we now have a well Toasty again. She actually did not get hit by a car, she must have rubbed up against the underneath of one, and when she tried to clean off the grease it poisoned her. She is back to her old adventurous self again, but now I am going to worry until the boy comes home…..sigh


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