Crazy Hat Birthdays


I cannot take credit for the crazy hat idea, no it definitely wasn’t me. It all started with my sweet cousins family. She posted a photo of the outrageous hat they had found for birthdays, and we just ran with it.


For birthdays are pretty low key at my house, gifts are optional, but there are always a few, because something fitting to the receiver was found and saved for the day. Still, you do get to pick your meal and dessert of choice, but truly, it is the company and conversation we have together that makes the day special, and thus the crazy hats help to lighten the mood, and add to the fun.


Then so sweet, as I was flipping through my photo stream today,  I came across a crazy hat birthday where my cousin was in the states for a visit, and came to one of our birthday celebrations, how apt.


I also noticed that the ones who wear the craziest hats, are also the ones who don’t want their picture taken of course. 😉



❤️Blessings Belinda



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