A List!

Kathy at katiescottagebooks sent out a challenge to her followers, and I so enjoyed getting to know her a bit better from reading hers that I decided to take her up on it.

So here goes:

1.) Do you have a hobby or do you collect something? What?

Well, I read, I write, I draw, I sew, I garden, I cook, I nurture, I orchestrate, and then I have a job. So I suppose many would say all those activities outside of my paid employment would be my hobbies, but I beg to differ. I am not the job. All the activities I do in the small amounts of time I have left, is who I am. Thus I have a hard time classifying them as “hobbies” simply because they do not pay the bills.

Collecting…hum? I have too much stuff so I am trying to switch to memories made together instead of gift giving, but often that can be a selfish desire when someone would just like to be able to buy me a present. Then books and movies are never declined, or plants, someone just gave me a rose I have been wanting for my garden. What makes it so special is that I didn’t even know they were paying attention to my rambling….sigh.

2.) If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would that word be?


3.) If you were in the wilderness and came face to face with a bear, what would you do?

I don’t know. I know what I should do, but would I? For I like to think that I am calm and collected and would respond appropriately, but I never do, I usually panic and act like an idiot.  I have many instances of things like, rodents, fires, and earthquakes where it was a good thing others were around and nobody listened to me. I mean really, I will never snort incredulously again, when the movies portray someone jumping up onto a table because a mouse is in the house, because when one of those tiny things scampers over your barefeet in the dark, it becomes quite apparent just how high you can jump and how loud you can scream, I’m just saying.

4.) When was the last time you did something *spontaneous* childlike? For example: joined in a game of hopscotch, skipped down a sidewalk, participated in a little girl tea party? etc. What was the thing you did?

This one makes me sad. Where did the spontaneity go? I suspect my excessive poundage for so many years helped chase it away. Being so heavy is quite limiting. Still I am almost half way to my goal. So the end is getting closer. I just have to keep in mind that I am making permanent lifestyle changes, and to not rush the process.

5.) Do you enjoy cooking or baking? If you do, what is your favorite meal to prepare? If not, why not?

Yes, very much so, but I stopped cooking daily around ten years ago when I took on a job that required long hours six days a week. My oldest daughter took over the task and she has become such a good cook that her meals are requested for birthdays over all other choices. Unfortunately, she too has become busy with the homeschooling of two sons and a home business that is booming, and cannot cook large like she used to. Liebe Lee is trying to fill the gap, but she is busy herself, therefore it has become fend for yourself more often than not. I am rambling off point as usual….favorite meal? Probably would be Thanksgiving with its planning and lists, and the tricky part of getting it all done at the same time, hot. But truly for just the love of concocting, I am partial to creating everything in the fridge in a pot meals. Because when they work and are good, the feeling of satisfaction and well being is worth it, and if they are bad, well, count your blessings that you will never have to eat it again.

Thank you very much Kathy for giving me a list to ponder, and you know how I love a list.

Blessings Belinda


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