The sweat glistened on Stacey’s brow as she contemplated taking her next deep breath. For truly, in her current state, serious planning was a necessity. Because, well, with each attempt, came shuddering chills and hacking coughs, thus one must mentally prepare for the pain which accompanied such activity.

Pish Posh……Glitter Glisten

Ps. I am fine. Though I would go to the doctors for some cough medicine if it wasn’t a Federal holiday. I will go tomorrow when my doctors in, because an emergency room full of miserable sick people is not something I want to face today, and besides, I only have started continuously expelling nasty stuff today, yuck yuck yuck! I know right.

I also now slightly comprehend how one could let their lung infection linger until the point of no return, for it is all so gosh darn painful and exhausting.  Also, I am sure all the people I live with would drag me in kicking and screaming if I were foolish enough to not go myself. Still,my wishful side is planing that tomorrow morning I will awaken to complete recovery, so don’t go crushing on my bubble, I kinda need it right now.

❤ Belinda


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