So, I have decided that this block, which has sprung up in my mind against writing, is from the dark side. Thus I am going to make myself write something every day by using the daily prompt, and with luck, pull some personally Juicy tidbit of insight from my psyche (snort, snicker, guffaw) or more realistically, to practice, practice, practice, until perhaps someday, in another universe far far away, there won’t be so darn much resistance.

Of course, I never stick with anything for long, I will invariably miss days, or use old prompts, and I am sure a lot of it will be bad, really really bad.

Hum……So it will kind of be like my cooking, yep!

Ps. My grandsons piano lessons and the Star Wars music they are learning might have had some influence 😉 For it is the Imperial March day and night around here.


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