I have been ill, very ill actually, with pneumonia. I am doing much better, but if I could have one desire fulfilled today it would have to be just a wee bit of focused energy come the morn, for I am so tired still, and have much I want to do.

On another note, I have decided to rejoin the world, to perhaps try and make some friends. I have to be honest and admit that it might be asking too much from myself, but I really feel like I must give it a solid go. Otherwise, I might find myself defaulting, because of loneliness, into the past, which could be very very short sighted indeed.

So the time has come to join a square dance club, if I can find one available that is. I know, you’re thinking what the heck, where did that come from, but really consider this, it has a structure with a plan to follow, and you’re busy doing something that keeps your mind and body occupied while all the while forcing contact and interaction. In this idea stage in my mind it couldn’t be better.

Now I do acknowledge that I am a klutz who can’t even manage to sing and clap in church at the same time, but still, I feel compelled to go for it, and besides, I might get to wear one of those bouncy twirly skirts. Oh this could be so good.

Now to decide which victim I am going to guilt into coming with me….😏

❤Blessings Belinda



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