Sola gratia

I don’t know about you, but when I am pondering a quandary, I like to be able to get to the point where can tie up all the loose ends, address all possible rabbit holes, and then neatly punch it all down it a neat little package, which I can then file away in the cubby holes of my mind, or basically, to Conquer it.

Well God and His mysteries just don’t fit into a cubby hole no matter how hard you try. For instance today I was trying to wrap my mind around the idea of irresistible grace and free will….sigh.

Nope, He is God and I am not, is often as far as my brain can get when pondering His ways. However, I am okay with that, and actually truly thankful. I mean what a relieve to only have to be little ol’ me who doesn’t need to know everything. For I have Him to lean on, unconditionally, always and forever.

Because one thing I do grasp completely, is that God always keeps His promises, on this I can rely. Yep, you just gotta love God’s grace.

Besides, it’s not like there is an entrance exam to get into heaven.

❤ Blessings Belinda


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