The Mom of the Freds

I went on a rescue mission today. It all started with a phone call from number two son, and is he ever so good when it comes to persuasion.

For he opens with, “I need a lawyer.”

Right there, as a parent, your world stops.

Then he continues, “They are going to kick me out.”

Wait! Whoa…..stop, slow down, what did he do runs through my mind.

Now this is where he shifts gears and pulls me in. “It’s Zed, the hamster you bought me. If I don’t get rid of it, I am kicked out of my dorm and will have no where to live.”

So now I am beyond relieved. This problem is inconsequential in comparison to the behemoth I was preparing to slay just moments early, and thus I am ripe for the asking when he says he needs me to get up at four am the next day, drive fours hours north to reach him before his nine am class, then turn around and drive four hours home. Thankfully it is a beautiful drive up the coast of California, but still for a hamster!

Just kidding, we all know it wasn’t for the hamster, it was for the boy. He just lost his cat toasty, and historically has in one way or another, lost every pet he has had. So it wasn’t the hamster I was rescuing, it was my son.

So I do admit that just maybe my first suggestions of giving Zed his freedom into the wild, or donating him to the ag department were not such a good ideas, but it should be known for the record, that I did restrain myself, and kept my solution of a snack for the biology department to myself. 😁

Instead, I did what I do. I let loose my dragon mom self and charged to my boys rescue, and guess what, I got a hug ❤️ Sigh


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