Daybook 18

Sigh…… too much negativity in my posts recently. I can make up excuses like, the stress of possibly losing the job I have had since high school, the stress of watching your children’s dreams stay unfulfilled, the stress of not being able to do what you know you should, the stress of watching the end of your parents lives, the STRESS!

What is unusual for me, is that considering the circumstances, I am actually in a good place regarding all this, not an easy place, but a peaceful one. For I have a safe haven in my relationship with the Lord, and I can rest in Him and honestly say, Your will be done 😌

However, I need to take a break from here, from too much introspection, too much avoidance of all the people that need me to be present, and to much procrastination regarding the starting of the work that needs to be done to ease the passage of the potential hard times to come.

Blessed be the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come.



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