To Be or Not to Be?

My hairs are turning Gray. I remember the first one I noticed. It was on my 40th birthday, and you know what, I yanked that offender out right quick. However, as the days and months went by, it became quite apparent that removal of all the hair on my head, one strand at a time, was really not going to be such a good idea.

Therefore I embraced the concept of being gray as a good thing. Well maybe not as a good thing, but an inevitable thing, at least something I wasn’t going to stress over or get to upset about. The only complaint I had, was that I would have preferred for it to get over with its turning in a more timely fashion. I wanted suave swaths of gray streaking up from my temples, not the intermittent frizzy broken patches I was being blessed with instead.

Well, the swaths have begun to fill in quite nicely, and I actually am growing fond of the color, but, I have always known how fortunate I have been as a woman in corporate America, that I have not had demands placed upon me regarding how I dress, or that I do not wear makeup or color my hair. I also get to wear completely sensible comfortable shoes.

Consequently, it is not a minor thing when I consider employment elsewhere at the same level I enjoy now. For most of the women I have meetings and lunches with do not have the same luxury afforded to them.

So all that being said, I am truly not sure whether I am excited to have to change my approach to my personal appearance, or whether it is just going to end up being a ginormous pain. It is something I am capable of doing and most likely will enjoy once I embark on the journey. It’s just that I am so darn cheap that the thought of spending all that money to dazzle the eyes just gets my goat.

I would rather buy books, or an adventure or two…..sigh

Oh well. Que sera sera,



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