Going with the flow 😎

I find it particularly apt that the daily prompt is Knackered, because gosh golly almighty am I tired tonight. Not just physically, but mentally too 😑

I spend Friday afternoons with my mother in her expansive third floor sewing room.


I have cleared enough space to begin a project, and decided to  get started on something rather than finish the complete task of cleaning, so that perhaps we can finish a few quilts before she no longer can actively participate.

Well, today I hit several bumps in the road of my plan. Something as simple as finding the iron took over an hour because my mother has been squirreling things away into the strangest and obscure places as her Alzheimer’s remained undiagnosed for years.

Additionally, I am sewing on a Swedish machine I have never used before, and doing this without a manual adds a hint of excitement to the process. At least I managed to figure out the basics by trial and error. I will just ignore all the fancy stuff it appears to possess.

Still, as frustrating as the iron debacle and alien machine from outer space were, they are solved.  The iron now rest in its place, and I can sew a straight line. It is the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to make a quilt, and today I learned my mother has forgotten, this might just possibly slow us down a wee bit. 😧

Regardless, even with the interesting challenges, and the many many many! ups and downs of the stairs, it was a very good day and progress was made. Most importantly, my mother enjoyed herself, and my father received a much needed break from his caregiving duties.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

😴 Belinda


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