Day 19 and then some


You know when you have one of those life changing realizations and you have to reconfigure your entire conceptualization of the future, well that was me just last week, and truly, I am at a loss to figure out why it didn’t occur to me sooner, but sometimes it takes the prodding of others to get you to jump outside your preconfigured notions.

For as I was pushed by another to get a move on with my plan of letting go of my possessions and stationary dwelling, and replacing them a vagabond lifestyle, it dawned on me how alone I am.

My kids have all grown up and have their own lives and responsibilities which they can not walk away from to go off galavanting with me. This is not me complaining. I just need to redirect myself and change course. It is what it is, and to travel alone has no appeal for me.

Besides, if I stay put, I will be smothered with more family then I will know what to do with, thus there isn’t really anything to consider is there?

I am was just kinda floored by my cluelessness and it makes my wonder how many other life changers are hovering out there, silently waiting………..


The Birthday Grouch

Yesterday was my Birthday. I am 56. I am chuckling inside at the moment because it is another one of those years where I think I am the wrong age. So all year I truly thought I was 56, and then voila, my birthday comes around and I am surprised to find I have once again gained a year instead of aging up. Thus there are some benefits to being scatter brained 😉

It was a good birthday for many reasons, one of them is coming to recognize that if I don’t let others celebrate me, I won’t have anything to grouch about 🙄 and I do love to birthday grouch. I am not quite sure how to have a birthday without it. Hummm…..perhaps I should give it a try next year? What a perfect way to confuse the heck out of everyone. Yep, that could definitely be fun, hehehe.

I was taken to lunch by a very old friend, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with some tasty flautas and good conversation.

Then I spent the afternoon with Liebe Lee and my mother laying out the quilt they are making together, and fussing over the one my mother and I started. Liebe Lee followed the YouTube directions and so everything is going smoothly, whereas I on the other hand improvised……sigh 😑


When we came home later that evening my oldest and the grandsons were making pizza and we splurged on eclairs. I was serenaded opera style, and in the doings of the evening I discovered how to eliminate the reason I have always hated my birthday. For you see it is that singing part, where everyone is looking and you’re sitting doing nothing but wanting to disappear. Well, if you sing along, join in the fun and sing happy birthday to me in the silliest way possible, you can forget about the eyes of others.

So it was an all around very good day. Oh yes I also received a splendiforous gift! An email arrived as I was turning in for the night, my sweet cousin is coming for a visit next month. This was the sprinkles on the icing of my cake.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

❤️ Belinda


Day 19

My fingers are itching and twitching to go on a deleting rampage again.

So if you find me fading in and out, please be patient as I deal with this sudden feeling of apprehensive uneasiness and misgiving about this site in general.




Old Dogs


We were not a dog family for most of my children’s childhoods. There were too many instances of vicious dog attacks towards my children by my brothers out of control dog, thus all they knew was terror in conjunction with dogs. It was truly very sad that no one would address the problem, so we actually had to stop visiting with family for several years because it was not safe. This history is what has made our dog Sammy such a blessing in our lives. We rescued her from animal control over thirteen years ago, and she has made canine converts out of us all. Still, she is slowing down quite a bit lately and I am not looking forward to the heartbreak looming out there in the not to distant future………😔



Artichokes! We are on our second picking. They are so delicious when eaten the same day as picked. I had forgotten about the bonus freshness provides.



Bat Bunny has settled into the backyard again now that she doesn’t need to compete with the cat for territory. She will hop up and eat out of your hand. It must be going on four or five years since we got her and she was at the pound not a baby. Hum….she is not wild, but then again she is not caged, thus google is very unsatisfying when trying to determine her live span.



Here are some sweet young things. Introducing the fuzzy little chicks, Chris, Martin and Zaboomafoo. Our newest additions. Now to cull an old tired bird to get back under the cities chicken limit.


The grandson is young and sweet too, but perhaps I should keep that to myself. For I am not sure if it would go over well with him. He is too old, and simultaneously, not old enough to appreciate the sentiment, but secretly, he is sweet 😉


Then last but not least, it sure makes this tired grandma happy to come home to a May basket awaiting discovery on her bed. Sweet sweet William. Thank you ❤️

Ps. You are seeing right, I don’t make my bed 😧 I tried for awhile, but you know what they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks 😜





People Are Watching


I spent the weekend with my daughter selling her creations at an art festival. At these functions, I am more of company in the lulls, and a backup in case she needs a trip to the necessary, than a salesman. For she is the artist, and therefore she is the one lookers want to talk to.

This is all fine and dandy with me, as people watching is an activity I thoroughly enjoy. Besides, this festival was not only in California, it was held in the valley, which definitely made the show very entertaining to say the least.

Watching the people walk back and forth in all their splendor, reminded me of the books I have read set in the regency period in England, and also brought to mind how things really don’t change. Customs and such maybe, but not the basic core of human nature.

I remember when I was young, it was cruising down the different boulevards depending on the nights of the week. For my children, it was going to the mall. Now it seems that street fairs and festivals are a place to go out to be seen and admired while strutting your latest look.

I also remember that in those books, it was the old matrons that sat around and watched the young and the bold promenade.  Sigh….what can I say, but I am so thankful to be one of the old, and with the hindsight that comes with age, I can honestly say, watching is truly the better part to play in this dance of the peacocks.

Blessings Belinda