Day 19 and then some


You know when you have one of those life changing realizations and you have to reconfigure your entire conceptualization of the future, well that was me just last week, and truly, I am at a loss to figure out why it didn’t occur to me sooner, but sometimes it takes the prodding of others to get you to jump outside your preconfigured notions.

For as I was pushed by another to get a move on with my plan of letting go of my possessions and stationary dwelling, and replacing them a vagabond lifestyle, it dawned on me how alone I am.

My kids have all grown up and have their own lives and responsibilities which they can not walk away from to go off galavanting with me. This is not me complaining. I just need to redirect myself and change course. It is what it is, and to travel alone has no appeal for me.

Besides, if I stay put, I will be smothered with more family then I will know what to do with, thus there isn’t really anything to consider is there?

I am was just kinda floored by my cluelessness and it makes my wonder how many other life changers are hovering out there, silently waiting………..


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