I asked for the hole in the front yard to be filled in, hum….


I suppose I should have expected this when I told him not to worry about leveling the yard, that I was okay with a mountain since I intend to plant trees……..but?

Maybe I should not have been my usual overly dramatic self and used the word mountain…..🤔

Then again, his job description is to be helpful, and I suppose the smile his antics brought to my face was truly the most helpful thing he could have done for me yesterday.

So, I am beginning to become attached to my mountain. Every queendom should have one you know, and with a few strategically placed yard gnomes and such, who could complain?

Still, I remember saying this about Cedarella, and it was not too long before she up and disappeared.

I think my family must not like yard gnomes or something…..sigh


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