Seeking Shelter

Yesterday it was 108.

This morning I tried to go out and mow the much neglected bit of grass remaining in what should be the front lawn, but at eight am the sun was already blazering like lasers…..sigh

Therefore I have given up and retreated, to the not air conditioned, but still cooler house, and here I will sit in my treacherous chair baking like a toasted cheeser, sewing, filling out Heloc applications, perhaps decorating my toenails, and listening to an audible book my son brought home from school called, Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. Which by the by, is quite fascinating and worth a listen or read.

So upon reflection, I have to give praise and thanksgiving for this despicable weather that has chased me inside to what appears to be working itself into a very pleasant day of nothing much.

Thank you Lord for the attitude adjustment and the heat, which is creating the much needed rest I have been craving, but felt irresponsible taking.

Silly me 😎



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