Zipping Oregano


My grandmother had ferns like this carefully cultivated in a raised bed that ran around the perimeter of her patio. In hindsight I can see how difficult it must have been to keep them alive in the hot desert climate in which she lived. Thus I can now also understand why she would get so irate when I would go along the beds and carefully zip off all their tiny little leaves…..sigh

Gosh golly was it fun, wrong, but fun. So today when I had to zip the dried oregano for future use it brought back the memories of fern zipping, and what a terrible little brat I was to my grandmother. Still like grandmothers everywhere, she easily forgave me, and always welcomed me whenever I came to visit.

My girls tell me that they also zipped the ferns at my mother’s house and she also would get annoyed with them. I suppose I should be thankful that my mother did not plant those ferns on her patio until I was old enough to resist the temptation.

Regardless of all that, today I found an acceptable replacement for ferns and spent an hour or so zipping dried oregano to my hearts content, and the best part, I am not in trouble for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


โค๏ธ Blessings Belinda

Ps. If you look real close at the picture of the ferns, you can see that one of my grandkids has zipped a piece of the fern. However, that is why I have that plant in the first place. I keep it so my grandchildren can zip zip zip it, while I pretend not to notice. I really need to get it in the ground so it can spread and give them more to work with ๐Ÿ˜


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