Left Hanging

Darrell stared blankly, at the stack of paperwork on his desk. Spinning his pencil between middle and pointer finger, he took intermediate sips of his cold black coffee. Barely awake, he regretted the decision to go out with the boys last night. Was it worth it? It was one hell of a night he thought, setting down his pencil to grab the bottle of aspirin on his desk. Darrell had a feeling that he was out of aspirin, but he hoped he was wrong on this one. He grabbed the bottle only to have his suspicions confirmed. “This is gonna be a god-awful day” he said in a hushed voice to appease his aching head. Annoyed he slammed the empty bottle onto his desk.

The last case he had worked on had just been resolved, and now someone had to do the paperwork for it. Last night had been crazy. For some reason he agreed to do all the paperwork for the case. “But who cares anyways, it is Monday, and I have all the way till Friday to finish this,” he thought as he pulled out his lighter and lite his cigarette.

Darrell’s smoke was interrupted by the sound of commotion outside as several uniforms ran past his door. There was many a time that the uniforms knew his name but he didn’t know theirs. One of these guys, the one that Darrell referred to as “transfer” due to him being a recent transfer from another department, rushed into his room. This of course was unacceptable as Darrell had clearly told all the uniforms never to interrupt him while he was working. However, Darrell decided to cut the guy some slack due to the look of terror on the guys face. It was pretty obvious that “transfer” immediately realized that he wasn’t supposed to interrupt Darrell, and said, before rushing out the door, that a bus had crashed on highway 4.

Highway 4 was more of a glorified road than a highway. It was the only 4 lane road in a hundred miles and therefore got the name of Highway 4. “Well,” he thought,while grabbing his jacket and hat, “this paperwork might not get done by Friday.” He gave a quick smile and left his office.

I am still having fun reading through my kids writings. The above, like my previous post, is one of the quick writes my son would do as a warm up for his day. For in middle school he enjoyed writing over everything else, and being able to do it first thing would always get him going. He would lolly gag and dilly dally over his other subjects, so I learned to never hold it out as a reward, because he rarely finished, and thus be able to claim it. Also as I suspected might happen, as he got older he lost the passion for it, and focused more on all those previously “boring” lesson. So it all worked out in the end. Someday though, I hope he finds the desire again and finishes some of his beginnings……



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