Time and Again


Liebe Lee’s altered photo of me so fits my current mood regarding my yard as a wasteland of time. For I feel that we will have to be moving on in the not to distant future, therefore I cannot bring myself to continue with my vision. Instead I am looking at ways to easily put some semblance of order and curb appeal back in place.

It is not like I didn’t know this day would be coming, I did. I just didn’t think it would cause me such pain to have to give up. However it was not truly without benefit. I did enjoy the hard work and seeing a partial fruition of the master plan. I need to keep those memories and let go of the sadness.

Besides, I am amidst a new journey, branching out into uncharted territory with something new which could possibly alter my life in the ways I never thought I would achieve, but this time my efforts will not be tied to the land upon which I live. My new doings are portable and can be done wherever I am, without any expense, and the best part, never again will I have to leave them behind.

Hum…..I am not really sure why reading, optimism is the best defensive against regret, brought on this post, but there you go.

Blessings Belinda


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