You Just Never Know

“I’m remembering a quote that said that if all the prayers I ever prayed consisted of “Help,” “Thanks,” and “Wow,” I’d be doing alright.”

I read these words tonight over at Ragamuffingospelfan’s Blog and they hit the nail right on the head for me. For this is my prayer life in a nutshell. Maybe not something I would want to admit in some circles, but I have never claimed perfection, and long and lengthy prayers are so very darn hard for me to focus on. Not sure why, it just is what it is. However, I can keep a running commentary of help Lord, thanks Lord and wow Lord, going on all day, but still quiet devoted intercessory prayer……no. I tend to wander off into the corners of my mind and pick through the days unfulfilled dreams and desires, or perhaps unfortunately, the day’s discards and lost opportunities. Thus a set aside time of prayer for me tends to turn into self-indulgent navel gazing instead.

I love how so often, it is the small unexpected encounters with another’s words and ideas that can make such a difference in one’s own life. Like for instance tonight, recognizing that I have been trying to approach and encounter prayer in a manner which is all wrong for me, and instead of feeling like a selfish failure in this aspect of my Christian walk, I should embrace prayer where I am today, what I do well today, what works for me today, rather than continuing to strive after a one size fits all approach, where I am trying to fit myself into a rhythm and mold that squeezes me mercilessly, until all my joy runs out onto the floor and evaporates.

Then tonight, lo and behold, in my face, is the answer. I’m doing alright, because you know what, there is no definable right way, only the way which connects you with the Holy Spirit within, and only you can find that path. It is an individual thing.

So wow Lord I am so awestruck by Your ability to weave my needs into the works of others and lead me to them!

Thank you Lord for this peace filled day.

Lord please give comfort and help to all those in need, and please open the eyes of those still stifled by darkness and show them Your glory!

Please Lord let this post be pleasing to You and bring You glory.

That is easy, this I can do without ceasing ❤️

It is amazing Lord, this gift You have given us. This ability to learn. I gotta tell ya Lord. It rocks!

Blessings Belinda


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