Awards AKA a List

So, way back last week, the Second-Rate Scientist paid forward a tickle me pink complement, and I immediately proceeded to daydream a grand, extraordinary, fantabulous post of response…..

Alas it is gone, and this makes it difficult to move forward, because those posts that are built out of nothing, and returned to nothing, within the recesses of my mind are the best ones I will ever write.

However I do remember that I had a revelation, that one of the reasons I appreciate awards is for the links to the blogs of others. For what better way to discover new writers, than through the recommendations of those you already follow.

It is for this reason that I am pressing on with this post regardless of the disappointment I am bound to feel about it, when I compare it with that nebulous treasure buried without an X somewhere deep, and I gotta tell ya, it was good. You will just have to take my word on it


(Image property of

Seven Facts:

1) I love lists. I have answered awards in the past just to be able to write a list. However I never wanted to pay it forward, when in actuality, answering these questions is the irrelevant part of the award. It is the list of new blogs to check out that gives them purpose. But I love lists, hehehe, so you are going to have to read through the facts to get to them.

2) I also stapled my finger. Not by accident, I did it on purpose. Almost like I couldn’t control myself; it was so fascinating. Until it was over that is, and then, wow does it hurt. Especially the solvent on the staples, it itches for hours, like christmas tree needle punctures, when you have let the tree die, good and dead, before you take it down. Anyway, I thought I was the only one. Makes you wonder how many finger staplers are out there?

3) The teen years are my favorite ones when it comes to children. Two year olds run a close second, but only if they are not related, because changing diapers is something I am so over.

4) I have five children, but come from a family of seven children, so I feel like a slacker in the offspring department. What is wrong with you, I hear you ask, and you’re right, so illogical.

5) Baleeted, everythings fine, nothing is ruined.

6) I like raisins in my cookies. I know, I know, take me out back and shoot me, but I will still take raisins over chocolate chips any day.

7) I consider rules to be more of guidelines than a hard lines in the sand, and I frequently color outside the lines.

Seven Links:

The part you’ve been waiting for. I don’t do this with intent to cause a burden on the bloggers below. Please do not feel you have to acknowledge this in any way, since I know that so many eschew awards entirely. Think of it more as show and tell.

❤️ Blessings Belinda

https 🙄😧😖🤔🤡 whoops a daisy

I know I said seven, but fact number seven covers this last one. For Oscar and Horace of moonbunnycreations have become special to me. It takes time, not to appreciate Helen’s lovely drawings, but to become deeply attached to the sweet simplicity and kindness of the two friends.


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