Chicken Butt Surgery

Yes, you read that right. I am sure my daughter never thought she would sew back on a chicken butt, but she now has thanks to YouTube, and because chickens are just gosh darn ruthless. For one of the new chickens got stuck between two boards in an attempt to get away from the pecking of the established chickens. Unfortunately this left her vulnerable to a vicious attack upon her posterior.

Also, to be honest, there was human error involved, when we forgot we had mixed the little girls with the large ladies so they could get used to each other, and therefore left them unsupervised for too long. There will always be some pecking, but this was too much.

Anyway, poor little Zaboomafoo was left with her tush and tail feathers hanging on by a slim thread of skin, and my grandsons were much distressed. So it was their mama to the rescue. She snatched that chicken up, cleaned the wound, held her tight and sewed her behind back in place. 😳

Well, then she had to isolate her and watch for infection, and it appears that the best way to do this is to lift that chicken up close to your face and sniff around the wound. Hehehe, she never thought she would be doing that either. It didn’t help that the video suggested a diet of scrambled eggs as it would be mild and easy to digest, and chickens do particularly like scrambled eggs. However, this made the sniffing for infection a bit more difficult, because man oh man did that diet of eggs make that chicken stink 😝

Well it was a month or so ago when this episode took place, and Zaboomafoo is doing fine, but this came to my mind tonight because my daughter has sequestered herself in her workshop for the weekend, so it fell to me to put the yard and the animals to bed for the night, and while doing so, I took the opportunity to watch the chickens settling onto the roosting bars for the night. They make it so difficult as they all peck and jockey for their place. Chickens are so stupid. I enjoy them, but I am infinitely glad not to be one.

Oh yes, I should add, if you ever have to practice chicken surgery yourself, my daughter has two tips that were not in the video. Count your stitches and use bright purple thread. Because when you go to remove the stitches, it is particularly nice to know how many you are looking for, and also to be able to see them would have been helpful. She groused to me for days as she kept checking to make sure she’d found them all. That was my contribution, I sympathized 😁

Butt she has made me proud, not everyone has a chicken surgeon for a daughter πŸ˜‰

❀️Blessings Belinda


11 thoughts on “Chicken Butt Surgery

  1. This story made me lol! My mom raises chickens and boy could I tell you some stories! They are truly stupid animals like you said but they are also very interesting to watch. Plus the fresh eggs make it worth all of the hassle. Wonderful of your daughter to do what she did, I would be way too squeamish!

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  2. You tube is an excellent resource for learning of things such as this! And I have never heard of sewing a chicken butt. That being said, unfortunatelly, the pecking order of chickens is much the same with humans, with more emotional violence than actual physical violence.

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    • Yes, it is true, pecking order is everywhere, but unlike chickens, we as humans can learn and improve if we want to. Unfortunately, like the chickens, the bullied and pecked on, often grow up and do what they know…….sigh 😞

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