Ooooh, Ahhhh, Shiny

My daughters future mother in law held a very nice bridal shower for her this last week end. The food and company was tops. Her home is spacious and comfortable, but still, I couldn’t help thinking as I looked around at everyone’s restrained and sedate demeanor that on the inside they all were going like this.


I know I was, and I did hear a few whispers of having anniversary showers by the older ladies in the crowd. And why not? I am sure they have given their share of gifts over the years, and who doesn’t want a new vegetable grater now and then.

I personally would go for a new set of matching anything.

Well maybe no, because upon contemplation, I do kinda like my mismatched, hodge podge, surprise me belongings just the way they are. For the may be tattered and used, slightly cracked or patched back together, but they have history and stories to tell, just as my daughters shiny new things will someday.

So I guess we could have anniversary showers, and gather together to oooh and ahhh over the treasures one as accumulated over the course of a marriage. It might be truly fun, and revitalizing to have a show and tell.

Hum……I wonder🤔

Nah, it wouldn’t work, because often ones treasures may glisten and glimmer with sparkles of love for them, but to others, they just look like a pile of junk.

Sigh….I think I will  have to pass on that possible public spectacle if I want to keep my illusions of grandeur.

Still, with that in mind, I now wish upon my daughter the happiness of a day far in future, when all her shiny new things have transformed into a radiant pile of junk.


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