Privacy Becomes Her


Sunday in Black and White

IMG_0043I made it to church today, and I am ever so glad. It’s always worth it when I manage to talk myself into going.


My grandsons were all gung ho about driving to church with me rather than their mom, and I was primping myself up and feeling like all that, until lo and behold I discovered I was just the clueless vehicle they needed to be able to smuggle their forbidden backpacks full of show and tell into children’s church. Humph, like they were going to get away with it, mothers always catch you.


I love this small simple church, with the depth of the expository preaching and the incredible worship, there isn’t another church around that can match it, and the people….sigh, they are beyond my descriptive abilities.


We celebrated sweet Williams birthday today. It was a costume party and it was quite disconcerting to see Auntie Honey as a blond.


Those without costumes wore our traditional crazy hats. I must say, I think mine was tops, but I think everyone was laughing at me not with me on this one 🤡

❤️Blessings Belinda


Seven Days of Black and White

Lynn’s photos are always a treat, and she has invited us to join her in a seven day posting of black and white photos. How can one resist ❤️

So, because I am spending most of my day laundering the many boxes of fabric from my mother’s attic, I took a few pictures to reflect my view for the day.


I like my life a bit messy. It fosters my creativity when objects are willy nilly piled together, and random new pairings delightfully occur. I do the same with my clothes. I throw them into a pile to find an undiscovered match. Perhaps that is why I frequently mix things up and put them away in all the wrong places, which of course drives my family batty.


Hum, black and white photos make a kitchen look cleaner than it is. I wonder if you can buy color blind glasses for guests? Forget guests, I want a pair for myself!


My daughter’s cast iron pans have won me over. I was a skeptic when she first started accumulating them, but now, wow, am I a convert complete. I think back to the eighties and seeing the thrift shops full them, neglected and rejected, as undiscovered piles of rusting treasure. Today though, you cannot find one in a thrift shop for love or money.

Thanks for stopping.

❤️Blessings Belinda


Day 27


It’s Wednesday, again, the day of which I am fond. Perhaps because it is the most relaxed day of the week for me, or perhaps just because of Winnie the Pooh and his cold and blustery Windsday saying, which for some unexamined reason, just tickles me pink and makes me smile, and one can never have too many smiles.

However the more realistic approach would be that at work, by Wednesday, the pressing issues which might have arisen over the weekend have been dealt with, and most of the weeks routine tasks have either been accomplished or set in motion. Even if nothing else, I am very good a delegating 😏

On the home front, I still have delusions of grandeur regarding all the tasks I am going to accomplish in my garden, or on one of my sewing projects, in the remaining days of the week.  And of course I still have time available to get in some exercise and other assorted healthy bits of this and that. In other words, the weeks potential still exists on Wednesday night.

Additionally on Wednesdays, the boy is buoyant with anticipation of trivia night at the pub, and my eldest and her sons do not have any extra curriculars or appointments, and therefore are home all day with plenty of time to complete their lessons, so consequently, a happy calm pervades the atmosphere.

Maybe I should attribute some of this calm to the fact that the household membership has decreased by four in the last few months.

Hum, could be?

Still, I think I want to go with delusions of grandeur.

Yep, definitely prefer to be delusional.

So watch out Thursday, here I come!




Something’s Gotta Give

Well what do you know, the world doesn’t stop and wait for one who slips out of its rotational pull and wallows for a while. Yep, when you decide to jump back in and go for a spin, you find that things did not stagnate. Nope, they moved on without you, or wallowed too, in all your glorious neglect.


I am so annoyed with the city, because when they replaced the sidewalks, they dumped the extra dirt into my front bed. Unfortunately this dirt was full of bermuda grass which is almost impossible to control, and now that I have ignored it for the summer, it has choked and killed many plants, and has put down an extensive root system…arrgh!

I learned the painful way, to always wear gloves when battling bermuda. It also didn’t help that someone bought the antibiotic ointment with pain relieve, which I am so allergic to, and I am flabbergasted that it took a week with a oozing burning wound before I thought to check the label, again.

Okay rant over, now to focus and not get off on a tangent as usual 🙄


Still I have to say, when I paused and took the time to really look, I found an abundance of chrysanthemums on the verge of a riotous burst of color.


And I noticed the occasional flower that will force its way through with vigor.


Then there are these monsters, which are thriving by the way. Hum…if you neglect your responsibilities they multiply into hairy, stinky, fly attracting curiosities? Don’t get me wrong, I have grown quite fond of these, whatever they ares, but I am not fond of the flies.

Maybe it can be likened to how fond I have grown to all the distractions which keep me, well distracted, and inattentive to the myriad of tasks pulling at me, and these tasks don’t go away, they just get crusty and dusty and hopefully, if I’m lucky, fly free.

Nevertheless, I have been going about the removal of distractions all wrong. Stupid wrong actually. Because by trying to force myself into motion by unfollowing all the blogs I enjoy, and missing the bloggers to whom I have become attached, I didn’t accomplish diddly squat. For I am still sitting here in my treacherous chair, wasting time with my iPad, playing cards or visiting the online library 😑

But now that my social obligations are over, and I have adapted to some potentially difficult news received from my doctor, it is time to get over myself and curb my…? Hum what do you call it when you fixate on things and lack the self discipline to moderate behaviors?

Well what ever it is, I am going to have to rein it in and tackle it to the ground…..arrgh! (I find that piratee noises help subdue any problem that arises)

I just wish I could arrgh the muscle mass lost this time around, back onto my legs. However nothing but movement is going to accomplish that task, so I want to put it out there up front that I will be neglecting to read your posts and comments as I try to deal with my withered legs, and overcome my deep sense of futility about the whole thing, because I just spent the last year or so slowly strengthening my legs and now after this latest visitation of the jello world, it is worse than when I began…..😔

However, pretending to unfollow everyone is definitely not the solution, and I am sure this rambling bit of navel gazing isn’t either……so…..🤔

Heavy heavy sigh, some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

❤️ Arrgh





My shoes are finally off

(yes, I room with the pumpkins)


The left over cake has been squozed into the frig by the master squeezer

(Why do I doubt)


The dress has been bagged and is ready to go the cleaners

(she was a vision)


My Liebe Lee found her Mister Wright and married him today


But oh my aching feet 😉


Responsibility Bites


i let myself get upset today

it happens every time i see them

it is unreasonable

but they make me feel so small

so insignificant

so wrong

so tired

it hurts

always has

even when it shouldn’t

sigh……….tomorrow is a new day, a new dawn, a new beginning

so of course i will try again

but gosh golly almighty

I don’t want to