Day 27


It’s Wednesday, again, the day of which I am fond. Perhaps because it is the most relaxed day of the week for me, or perhaps just because of Winnie the Pooh and his cold and blustery Windsday saying, which for some unexamined reason, just tickles me pink and makes me smile, and one can never have too many smiles.

However the more realistic approach would be that at work, by Wednesday, the pressing issues which might have arisen over the weekend have been dealt with, and most of the weeks routine tasks have either been accomplished or set in motion. Even if nothing else, I am very good a delegating 😏

On the home front, I still have delusions of grandeur regarding all the tasks I am going to accomplish in my garden, or on one of my sewing projects, in the remaining days of the week.  And of course I still have time available to get in some exercise and other assorted healthy bits of this and that. In other words, the weeks potential still exists on Wednesday night.

Additionally on Wednesdays, the boy is buoyant with anticipation of trivia night at the pub, and my eldest and her sons do not have any extra curriculars or appointments, and therefore are home all day with plenty of time to complete their lessons, so consequently, a happy calm pervades the atmosphere.

Maybe I should attribute some of this calm to the fact that the household membership has decreased by four in the last few months.

Hum, could be?

Still, I think I want to go with delusions of grandeur.

Yep, definitely prefer to be delusional.

So watch out Thursday, here I come!




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