Seven Days of Black and White

Lynn’s photos are always a treat, and she has invited us to join her in a seven day posting of black and white photos. How can one resist ❤️

So, because I am spending most of my day laundering the many boxes of fabric from my mother’s attic, I took a few pictures to reflect my view for the day.


I like my life a bit messy. It fosters my creativity when objects are willy nilly piled together, and random new pairings delightfully occur. I do the same with my clothes. I throw them into a pile to find an undiscovered match. Perhaps that is why I frequently mix things up and put them away in all the wrong places, which of course drives my family batty.


Hum, black and white photos make a kitchen look cleaner than it is. I wonder if you can buy color blind glasses for guests? Forget guests, I want a pair for myself!


My daughter’s cast iron pans have won me over. I was a skeptic when she first started accumulating them, but now, wow, am I a convert complete. I think back to the eighties and seeing the thrift shops full them, neglected and rejected, as undiscovered piles of rusting treasure. Today though, you cannot find one in a thrift shop for love or money.

Thanks for stopping by and I am now slightly nervous about where I will be tomorrow 😳

❤️Blessings Belinda


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