The Ides of November

Oh my it’s November! which means there are 30 days of thankfulness to consider, or if I am to be transparently honest, it is the month of the LIST! So take your pick, and decide upon your own perspective, but I am sure you know which one I going with.

Wing and a Prayer put up a calendar with ponders, so zippity do da, hurrah!

Smell: I am most thankful for the smell of dinner being cooked when I open the door of home after work.

Technology: Google maps on my phone, for I now feel free to spontaneously adventure.

Color: Gray for rain clouds, for the respite from the heat and the free water they provide, and I really really like it when the days are gloomy and wet, it is the best time to be outside.

Food: Yogurt, and not any of that flavored non fat perfumy stuff, but rich thick whole milk plain deliciousness. I eat it with everything.

Sound: Sigh…what I would be thankful for is the absence of sound, because about three years ago I developed a constant high pitched buzzing in my ears, sort of like the sound of high powered electrical towers but intensified a thousand million percent, and it is getting worse…😣 It is amazing what you can learn to live with.

Nature: Well this one is impossible……hum, perhaps that I live in a house with a yard so that I can just step out my door and play in the dirt.

Memory: This one is even more impossible, for like nature there is just too much of it, but let’s see, the day I realized how much God loved me unconditionally was simultaneously, excruciatingly painful and wonderful, and I have never been the same.

Book: Eazy Peazy, The Infallible living words of God; The Holy Bible

Place: Home, with my own soft bed smelling like me. Home, the place where I can walk around in the dark because I know it so well. Home, where I feel safe.

Taste: Chocolate is the obvious answer, but then again, I am always grateful for chocolate, so if I stop and consider just today it would be butter, for I am having a carbo load day, something I haven’t had in a very long time, and I have to say that there is nothing better than crispy hot buttered toast.

Holiday: Easter, I am most thankful for Easter, and the abundant joy of celebrating our risen Lord with other believers, there is nothing else like it.

Texture: Cotton, high quality 100% cotton fabric sounds and feels absolutely luxurious and when ever I am able to wear it, or sleep snuggled down deep amidst its folds I am in heaven.

And about right now you should be thankful for my inability to finish what I start, because this seems like a good stopping place to me, even though I was aiming for at least the middle. Oh well, perhaps maybe who knows, I might finish it tomorrow, because it is a list, and who can resist, right?

❤️Blessings Belinda



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