The window painting by Leibe Lee brings me such pleasure, and this particular one has the added bonus of bringing the sunshine inside as I sit in my treacherous chair, sip the elixir of life, and ponder the state of my world.

I know that it is about time for a new one, and of course it will be lovely also, but I am having a hard time letting loose of my flower garden and its vision of spring. So I think I just might keep it for awhile longer, which by the way is an unusual thing for me, the one who is endlessly restless, and works extremely hard to not get attached to anything.

Perhaps this is a good sign, this acceptance to let something which brings me happiness run its course rather than to banish it before it is discovered how much I want it, and then have someone ridicule me for it…….hum?

This must be residual from the past, because those I live with now would never do such a thing, and if this window art has made me aware of a foible that needs to be let go of, I am ever so thankful ❤️


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