The Wish List from 2015

Around Thanksgiving time I came across an alphabetical list of giving thanks. At the time I thought it was clever and would be fairly easy to compile.


And now in the season of receiving, as it has recently been described, it is even more difficult.

She was right; it is much harder to receive than it is to give.


My Wish List

Apples – Bowls of apples, many colors, everywhere

Buoyancy – Lightness or resilience of spirit

Coffee – To let it go, let it go, get free of its merciless hold

Dance – To learn to waltz……….sigh

Eschew inertia – Gotta move it move it

Frankness – To be able to speak up when necessary

Gratitude – Every minute of every day with a happy heart

Hugs and kisses – In abundance

Ideas – Lots of them!

John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world , that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” This gift is for me and you.

Knowledge – Is power, Is freedom

Laughter – Deep, cathartic, and tear inducing.

More Books – I know, I know, that’s cheating, but books!

Nosegays – Violets, freshly picked, yes.

Open – To new adventures

Permission – From whom:for what? Myself:for love.

Quiet – Inside my head and out.

Retire – Dream on.

Surrender All – To the King of King, the Lord of Lords, my Savior, Christ.

Tulips, roses, and bouquets of daisies – Oh my.

Understanding – A state of cooperative or mutually tolerant relations between people.

Volunteer – somewhere, somehow, something.

Walk  in the morning again – It’s time.

X – Be excellent to each other.

Yellow – Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present, by Charlotte Zolotow

Zip-a-dee-doo-day, Zip-a-dee-ay

My oh my what a wonderful day, when Christ was born.




Whys and Wherefores


Why is it that some doctors feel that a patient has come to see them just to waste their time? I mean really, isn’t that what a doctor does, sees people that need their advice or help, as way to earn money. It is not like the patient has nothing better to do with their time than to spend it driving, waiting, and paying for a few minutes of condescension.



Talent or Skill

Hum…a talent or skill?

Well obviously being prompt is not one of mine. Still it does make my personal outlook of better late than never, very apropos regarding this gratefulness question, and anyway, I could not let myself write my initial response of being pitiful.

Nope, that was just too pitiful for words.

So instead I realized that I do have a skill to write about: Waiting.

You see I wait a lot, and with decades of practice I have become quite good at it.

I lay in bed at night waiting for morning.

I sit at art fairs, enjoying myself, but still waiting for them to be over.

Regardless of how busy I am at work, a loud and persistent part of my brain is pounding for release, waiting for that glorious moment we can leave.

I too frequently find myself waiting for the seasons outside my window to change as I sit in my treacherous chair waiting to feel better.

I wait for space within my house so that perhaps I can have an undisturbed surface.

I wait for the day I will not have to fight my lazy and rebellious nature, and will finally manage to break free of my fears, and learn to fully rely on the Lord, so that I can journey outside of my gilded safe cage, and give of myself to others, as the good Lord has given to me

Waiting seems to sum up my life, and to my great sorrow, I have become quite good at it.