Ewok Forest

I would much rather live in an Ewok Forest than in the suburbs of LA, but since I do, I plan to squeeze in as many trees as is feasible onto the property.


The latest to join us are a plum, nectarine, and orange 🍊


Of course this means reducing the grass yet once again. (I am too lazy to do it all at once, but someday I will have killed it all, and victory will be mine)


However, I have been planning for it, and stopped watering quite a few months ago, so thankfully the removal of the relentless grass will be easier. Also, this time I have given a much larger area over to wild flowers and whatnots, because having to mow under the trees was interesting to say the least πŸ™„


I am very impatient to get the trees in the ground, because I plan to call a temporary cease-fire in the grass war, so I can climb up a ladder and prune the forever growing branches of this tree up above the roof line. Last year I put it off until too late, and birds had built nests ahead of me, and sigh… I just didn’t have it in me to give the babies the boot πŸ˜‘IMG_0477

Ooh ah la, when the tree is done, I will get to prune the roses. I don’t know how to prune roses 🌹 But that’s what YouTube videos are for right. Wow do I get lost in there, it’s unbelievable what people will put online πŸ˜‰


And to end with a chuckle for myself. We did not notice at the time, but when the grandbabies and I placed our new rabbit, we managed to set her upon one of Bat Bunnies dandelions. Perhaps it seemed like a good place for a rabbit since Bat Bunny was so frequently sitting there. Still, I think we will have to hip hop her a few feet away and let Bat bunny have her snack back πŸ˜‹ She has several dandelions throughout the yard that she maintains quite diligently, so I try not to disturb them.

To God be the glory,

Blessings Belinda ❀️


7 thoughts on “Ewok Forest

  1. Thank you Belinda for the laughs this morning. You grass battle victory did me in, and it was all laughs after that. I made the mistake of buying roses, researched, and found the ones that were so fragrant. Didn’t realize they only lasted a few years, 6 to 7 years, tops LOL you can see where this is going, mine are all dead now :):) But they sure were a blessing while they lived. Your yard looks great, and you are so blessed to get to have fruit trees, YUM!

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    • 😊 Yep, I hate it when stuff dies, thankfully God provides. For with exception of the fruit trees, which I figure is a good investment, most of the plants have either been gifts or have arrived of their own accord. Gardeners do love to share the bounty, whether it be a plant, or the Word of our loving God. Much thanks heading your way, Belinda

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  2. I sure enjoyed this visit to your ever changing garden, Belinda.
    What fairytale adventures are to little ones, is a garden to us. Exploits and passage. Wonders and bounty…. Look at all the trench digging and hose laying. Very impressive to my twitching back muscles, weary legs and buckling knees. I feel it for sure. Spring and Summer promise much as you prepare so well today.
    Joy and overflow to you!

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    • Ah sweet cousin, thank you for your kind words, like you, I have an abundance of offspring to help with the trenching and hole digging. So I mom guilted Joshua into digging the holes before he went back to school, hehehe. Really in actuality, he would have have done it for me just for the asking, I just like to keep my mom powers in use they don’t get to rusty 🀑


  3. Well I just hope these trees have been properly vetted and approved by ICE and immigration and are not going to live here illegally. I expect these trees will contribute to air quality, shade and O2 production and not become a burden on welfare services and it is incumbent upon you to make sure the trees speak English. Transplants like these do have a recorded of becoming model citizens and true Americans as have had the tomato plants from Italy, the beer plants from Germany and the cheese from the moon. .


    • πŸŠπŸ‘ 🍌 Well, being head of the HR department at work as given me many advantages when interviewing trees for placement, because I have read my M-274, collected a completed and signed USCIS I-9, and of course sent a DE 34 to the EDD, so none of that going on here 😎

      Thank you for your thoughts, and I am ever so glad you liked my puzzles 😊 Belinda


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