Here I….

Here I am Jesus!


Here I am not.

There is no in between, no almost, kinda sorta, or later.

I find that the only thing more terrifying than throwing my arms open wide and shouting to the heavens, “Here I am, use me, I’m Yours,” is to not.

So there is really no sane reason to be silent, yes?

I just was not expecting the answer to be wait.



11 thoughts on “Here I….

    • Yes, exactly. For you see for too many many years I was terrified that God would ask me to do something I couldn’t or wouldn’t do, because I lacked sufficient trust and understanding of His nature of lovingkindness, grace, and empowerment, and now that I comprehend that the Lord would never ask me to do anything without Him beside me every step of the way, and I stepped forward in faith asking to be used in the world beyond my bubble, He is telling me to wait…….Perhaps the hardest thing He could have asked, and the most important thing for me to learn, because historically I have spent my life being a pride filled fixer who couldn’t and wouldn’t let others help, and guess what! I have learned to wait and let others, God is good โค๏ธ

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  1. Thank you. I love your sweet spirit, voice. I love how the wind is in your hair in the drawing. Fresh and free. Beautiful.
    So my question… Is that a picnic basket or a suitcase? Either way, you are poised for good things.
    It is sweet to stay in his times.

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