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    • O Shucks, thank you. This ABC thing I have ventured into is making me think, and it is most interesting to see where I am led. I appreciate that you like my drawing, it is a real struggle for me to not throw them away, because there are always problems, like what is with those hands! However if I try to redo them, I can never quite capture the emotion again. So l have decided to embrace them imperfections and all, just like I have learned to do with myself….sigh what a relieve that is I gotta say. Blessings Belinda

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      • You are most welcome :):) Belinda, it’s just like ourselves. We always see the imperfect stuff that we don’t like, that no one else ever sees. I didn’t see anything wrong with the “hands” I even went back to see what I missed. In the full picture it is small, and all I see is hands. In the close up picture, you cut the hands off hehehe. So, see I didn’t even notice that thing that made you want to trash it all :):):) It’s a trick of the evil one. They are beautiful, as you said, emotion, he can’t have that, and will try to do everything to steal the joy out of it. Just like you they are a beautiful creation, loved by our Almighty God :):):)

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