So, my first thought for U was underwear, how even though it is an unmentionable, it plays a pivotal role in a wearers life. For instance, it makes you finally breakdown and do your laundry when the clean supply is all used up, and I don’t know about you, but I will dress more and more fancy to the office, wearing my going out, or church clothes and such in an attempt to avoid the inevitable waiting washing machine.

However, when the clean underwear is all used up, even the too small or too slinky ones, I capitulate and feed the machine, and what is really silly about this whole escapade is that I actually enjoy doing laundry, well maybe not enjoy, but of the household chores it is my favorite one.

I suppose a solution would be to buy an over abundance of under garments, but sigh….shopping for them is something I would walk through fire to avoid, so I buy them online when possibly, and of course I am cheap frugal and do not spend enough to get quality, and therefore they pinch and squeeze or even worse hang loose where they shouldn’t.

Well you can see why I decided that this was not the best topic for a post, being so pointless and embarrassing and all, so I let it go and decided to not write about the bane of my wardrobe, sorta 😉

Then umbrage came to mind….sigh again. Umbrage is a bad habit I have been working on for years. I am talking about that attitude of offense and indignation towards others when they don’t follow my the rules of polite society. Well what is that I have to ask!

See, I am even taking umbrage with myself. Yikes! So maybe I have a long way to go regarding this, but I am working on it for sure and for certain.

Thus, I am going to play it safe and write about my umbrella, how much I love my umbrella and its provision of my own little circle of shade.

Yep, U is definitely about umbrellas.

Blessings Belinda



Silly Talk

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

It was the sunset which did Fred in. He often overstayed, it was his unfortunate bad habit to be the last man still present long after all other guest had politely departed. He had mistakenly thought he was so witty and clever hosts wanted him to themselves, thus never requested his departure, when it actuality Fred was just too dense to pickup on their subtle shooing.

This time it was not like that. For Fred had been clued in by a friend of courage just that morning, about not borrowing trouble. To start being the first to depart, that is if he wanted to quench the rumbles of weariness his lingering was generating; if he still wanted to continue to be one of the lucky privileged ones with access to the soirees of the rich and famous.

So that twilight when Fred wandered out onto the kitchen porch of his latest social obligation in search of some solitude, he set to pondering whether he did want to be invited and tortured with artificial friendliness for evermore. He gleefully came to the conclusion that he didn’t really like parties much, that it was his estranged wife who did, not himself. With this happy release of expectation, Fred found himself waiting for a lull in arrivals, so he could slip away, unassailed by the inbound, to freedom.

But then, the sun set, darkness ensued, Fred tripped, choked on the olive in his martini, turned bluer than the sun, and with borrowed sorrow was celebrated in posterity as the life of the party.



Quiet Riot

I am proud to be a part of the quiet riot which is occurring across our great nation. We are not taking to the streets and causing mayhem and destruction, rather we are using the tools provided by the founding fathers of this country, which is built upon the freedom to be different.

And I intend to continue to be heard, regardless of the ongoing din of nonsense and silly talk. I will quietly, but diligently, weld my sword of rights: the right to vote, the right to bear arms, the right of freedom of expression, and freedom from a state imposed religion.

I hope you noticed that I listed voting first, for in this republic it is the most powerful weapon available to us, so I suggest we all continue to use it often and wisely.

Do not let complacency in the coming good times, silence us all…..sigh


Puzzles 🤨

My daughter Becks and I have begun a challenge to remove all excess from our home 😍 Well being the logical people that we are 🤔 we decided that the first item needing weeding was the puzzles 🙃

Why puzzles first….hum…..because we like to build puzzles I suppose and why not start out with the most time consuming item so that really nothing much is being accomplished but fun 😁 you did see where I said we were logical, right 😉

Well anyway, we have made around fifty puzzles and have somewhere around twenty left to go. Thankfully, we have managed to find something wrong with at least five of them that makes them get the Ole heave ho to the thrift shop, and I gotta tell you it was a struggle to eliminate those.

Wait! I forgot to mention the most important part of this endeavor, I was soundly overruled by the horde when I suggested we give away these treasures without test running them first, perhaps to be bold and just take them willy nilly to the second hand store without consideration of their worth.

NO! We must make each and every one to give it the farewell it deserved, and so that we could also eliminate our box of extra puzzle pieces we have been carting around for years. The piece reasoning was sound, because after making all the puzzles, any pieces still left unclaimed could be thrown out without a qualm. Still I think I might have been able to close my eyes and accidentally drop those abandoned pieces in a place of no return quite easily 😈

Of course they were right as usual 🤨. For it has been tremendous fun to build all these puzzles together, and I do mean together, for this small little thing has pulled everyone out of their bedrooms and we are all doing an activity together, with talking and laughing, and well, together🎉

Blessing Belinda

PS. Our first daffodil bloomed today ❤️