Puzzles 🤨

My daughter Becks and I have begun a challenge to remove all excess from our home 😍 Well being the logical people that we are 🤔 we decided that the first item needing weeding was the puzzles 🙃

Why puzzles first….hum…..because we like to build puzzles I suppose and why not start out with the most time consuming item so that really nothing much is being accomplished but fun 😁 you did see where I said we were logical, right 😉

Well anyway, we have made around fifty puzzles and have somewhere around twenty left to go. Thankfully, we have managed to find something wrong with at least five of them that makes them get the Ole heave ho to the thrift shop, and I gotta tell you it was a struggle to eliminate those.

Wait! I forgot to mention the most important part of this endeavor, I was soundly overruled by the horde when I suggested we give away these treasures without test running them first, perhaps to be bold and just take them willy nilly to the second hand store without consideration of their worth.

NO! We must make each and every one to give it the farewell it deserved, and so that we could also eliminate our box of extra puzzle pieces we have been carting around for years. The piece reasoning was sound, because after making all the puzzles, any pieces still left unclaimed could be thrown out without a qualm. Still I think I might have been able to close my eyes and accidentally drop those abandoned pieces in a place of no return quite easily 😈

Of course they were right as usual 🤨. For it has been tremendous fun to build all these puzzles together, and I do mean together, for this small little thing has pulled everyone out of their bedrooms and we are all doing an activity together, with talking and laughing, and well, together🎉

Blessing Belinda

PS. Our first daffodil bloomed today ❤️




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