Help I need somebody


Recently I have been coming across quite a few posts regarding folks who are working an allotment, and it has started me thinking. Perhaps there are some folks around my neck of the suburbs who don’t have land, but would like to get dirty, sweaty, and satisfied. I mean, I have cultivatable space and not enough wellness to do much with it. My daughter is trying, but she is so incredibly busy that she cannot do has much as she would like either, and my muscles had the audacity to up and go away to college. How dare he!

So I wonder how you would find a person or two, that would like to dig and weed and toil; to grow some fresh food and flowers. For of course that would be all the payment I could afford to give for their help. It would have to be for the foswab and a share of the bounty the earth would produce.

Still in the sprawling metropolis of LA, who do you trust?

Do I let the necessary protective reticence developed from living amongst thousands upon thousands of strangers, keep me from opening my home (Yes it would have to include the bathroom) for the mutual benefit of us both?

Sigh……probably yes.

On a happier note, the hummingbirds are nesting on the property again. I think it must be the aloe that is drawing them in, regardless of why, and it is pure speculation on my part, because I haven’t bothered to look into it, I looked up and found a nest! Yippee!


May the Lord bless you in all your endeavors today, Belinda


They Hatched!

When my daughter pruned the fruit trees this year, her boys discovered a praying mantis pod on one of the cut branches. Well many moons ago in a different world I sorely miss, we were the lucky participants of a glorious garden, and one of things that had been an intrinsic part of its healthiness was all the beneficial helpers living in, on, and under its splendor. Therefore, the branch was carefully removed from the discard pile and found a place of safety in which to rest. Well, I have to be honest, I had very low expectations, but, THEY HATCHED!

Ps. Gosh golly my hands do shake…sigh




Between helping my eldest with her shows

Being a proud grandma


I have been dilly dallying with projects, such as repairing this wool blanket for my mother.

So far I have taken it carefully apart and bathed and dried it, and then set it aside for

the quilt my mother wanted to make out of her extensive decade spanning collection of used shirts, that I then set aside to


consider the quilt my mother had wanted to make out of old Levis and wool. Why wool in Southern California is beyond me, but she grew up in a cooler climate and is really fond of wool in any form, and if I consider my assortment of knee-high wool socks and their inherent lovely wonderfulness, I do kinda get it.

I know, I know, you are thinking what is up with you and projects for your mother. Well you see, she collected and collected a lifetime of


 materials for all the projects she would someday have the time to accomplish, but alas, she put it off until too late, and now she is not able to use her hands or focus as she would like. Well I have just recently inherited her stash and my late grandmothers stash of many attic boxes filled with treasures abundant. So I am trying to complete at least one or two for her, but unfortunately I am scatter brained, and never finish much of anything, so more than likely my daughters will inherit an unseemly amount of half of this and half of that when I get to old to hold a needle too.

However, I was recently given a reprieve from my inability to stay on target by the


arrival of Resurrection Sunday, for the table I use for projects was needed for the up coming feast to celebrate our risen Lord! So now all those beginnings are tucked away in storage, and I am contemplating perhaps some summer clothes construction instead…sigh

So I think I will end with some pictures from this Sunday, where my grandbabies (not so baby anymore) are being goofy and how my garden grows, not with silver bells and cockle shells but with untended weediness galore.


Perhaps I should have taken more than one.

Pretty dresses and ropes definitely go together, like


artichokes and irises.


and if I am very very lucky, alyssum will take over my world.

Blessings Belinda

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1