50:10 Beauty Unaware

10) A letter to your 16 year old self. What advice would you give?


Do not let others define your body image, having a muscular body, rather than twig limbs is not the same as excess body fat. So instead of feeling shame, revel in your ability to run for miles, climb, jump, lift, and so on so forth.

Besides, if you keep your strength, you can squash like a bug, anyone who dares to point and laugh when your relaxed muscular thighs spread when you sit down, and really, anyone that daft should just be ignored and pitied for pea brain they are.

However that level of comfort with yourself is unfortunately far in the future, so for now, go ahead and sit on them, with your precious beyond rubies, muscle bound, thunder thighs.


Peace and Onion Tea


Whenever my one of mother’s days became too chaotic, she would sigh and wistfully murmur, how lovely it would be to have a wee bit of peace and onion tea, and as a child it seemed to me that it must be the ultimate of concoctions.

Of course now as an adult, I know that she was wishing for peace and unity among her seven children, however I like to ignore that kernel of knowing, and remember instead my unfulfilled desire for that ever elusive onion tea of peace and quiet.

Recently though I have come close, as I sit in front of my large picture window and watch the hummingbirds, butterflies, and our adventurous rabbit, bebop, flit, and flurry in the sun, shining on the wonder my front yard has become.

Thus I am ever so thankful for my own splendiferous batch of frequently load and chaotic offspring, who have given me my own little piece of paradise, and all without having to choke down some horrific onion tea first.