50:11 never in a million years

11) Your celebrity dinner party. Who would you invite?


Well definitely not anyone who is even remotely famous. I say this because one likes to think they would be all cool and blasé when encountering a well know personage, but no, not me. I became awkward and uncomfortable, thus it is a miserable experience. So never in a million years would I consider hosting a party that would torment me no end.

However, I decided not to end this post with such an easy out, and instead try to consider who, if anyone, I would possibly want to venture out of my self imposed bubble to entertain.

It cannot be my family, that would be cheating. It has to be someone new, therefore someone risky. Risky in the sense that the entire venture could be for naught and fraught with peril of the social kind.

Well as I sit here typing, it came to me. There are several, if not many, bloggers out there, I imagine I would enjoy sharing a meal with. There would be all the elements of a fine evening of stimulating conversation, or alas, it could be an unmitigated disaster.

For what if they are as socially awkward as I am, and neither one of us knows how to begin, or in my case, because I am known to babble uncontrollably when nervous, it could not be silence that is the problem, but incessant speech, and then at the conclusion of the evening, regardless of spacious silence or crushing motor mouth, to have it end with nothing but a great sigh of relieve that it is over.

But, and I love buts, it could also be entirely lovely.

It’s just too bad we will never find out.



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