Rascally Rabbit


As most everything is finishing in anticipation of the winter, I wait for the one last hurrah of Autumn from the few sprawling chrysanthemum plants, but alas, the dang nabbit rabbit has decided that she wants to eat them this year, and as I was contemplating the life span of bunnies, and feeling a bit like Elmer Fudd….


My grandson walks up and does this, and I remember why we let Bat Bunny have her way with the flowers…..sigh

And I didn’t know rabbits like to be scratched behind the ears, did you?



2 thoughts on “Rascally Rabbit

    • Thankfully I am a mile too far away from the wilderness preserve for the deer to want to journey. My resident bunny is the only one around, and she is my grandsons pet that escaped her enclosure and has lived free for many years now. Thankfully we live far enough away from the coyotes too. But yes, it has taken much experimentation to find plants she does not like, but she frequently changes her mind and will suddenly devour something she had left alone for years. Dang nabbit rabbit 🤨

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