With Humble Trepidation


I just picked up How to Read Proverbs by Tremper Longman III. Well right smack dab on the first page of the first chapter he leads in with a thought that made me have to pause and chew on it a bit.

“The Bible has a word to describe the person who navigates life well; that word is “wise.” 

What can I do with that but fall on my knees and beseech the Lord God to pass a little wisdom my way, for a life well lived would be something indeed.

Then I had to pause and bring my thought process to a dead stop, because gosh golly almighty He has passed His wisdom on, and I am about to journey through it with Tremper Longman III. (What a name huh, I cannot help myself, I might just have to type it again, Tremper Longman III 🙂

And perhaps I should finish with the thought, that for me, a life well lived would be one where all I do, every breath I take, and my every thought held captive, for the soul purpose of bringing glory to God.

This should be fun.



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