Simple, Purposeful, Passionate.

I always have a hard time writing about a book I have read. I am not a reviewer, but a reader. Still, this is one of those books I am recommending to my family, so I figured why not do so on here too.

It is an interesting presentation of stepping up and following God’s plan for your life, even if you’re doing it alone. This is a theme that has resonated with me since I become a Christian. This of course is a very simplistic overview and there is much more to the book than that, but it stresses that the Christian walk is not complicated, that in actuality it is very straight forward when stripped to its core.

Anyway, this is one of those books which I run across now and then, where your reading along thinking okay, yep, I get that, and it’s different enough to keep me up at night. When bam! there’s a sentence which changes my world view. One that brings the reading to a dead stop, and I have to chew on it, roll it around in my head, and enjoy it’s newness.

Thus I recommend, and hope it gives you the same pleasure it gave me.


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