So Serious


10 thoughts on “So Serious

    • Her happiness from having her mama with her all day is one of the reasons I continue to wish them all the best so very far away. In my head I know that California is too expensive to raise a family with a single earning household, and that the extremely intrusive agenda of the government is even more of a reason to be as far away as one can get, but my heart is missing both my daughter and her family. Thank goodness for FaceTime 🙂

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    • Thanks for explaining why I have missed so much of your good writing and where you went. For myself, I’m a quick reader and don’t spend too much time on that. But I’m honing a skill by blogging and I found a reason beyond myself. I am planning to make copies of my writing for my kids to find when I’m gone. I have it all in another place than WP. Plus the Lord has graciously worked on my addiction. It’s a relief to be able to say NO.
      Hoping to stay in touch. Thanks for taking to time to write. 🧡


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