11/9/19 Beauty


I am constantly bowled over by the loveliness of creation. It cannot be captured or adequately describe, but rather must be experienced first hand.

I am brought up short by it, and my heart begins to ache with longing for the Lord.


The violets are blooming. Today I need to take the time to pick them so that I can inhale their heavenly scent throughout the night, throughout the darkness, and remember what is to come.

Lord, today I thank you for the reminders you have provided for us, living promises of your goodness and glory.

“For He satisfies the longing soul,
And fills the hungry soul with goodness.“ ~Psalm 107:9



5 thoughts on “11/9/19 Beauty

  1. How do you get violets in the fall? Is it a second blooming? In the Midwest violets bloom in the early spring. This past week we had our first snowfall. Five inches of HEAVY snow. The snow is slowly melting. We were outside today still raking leaves. We and the rest of the town are hoping to get the leaves up before the next storm. 🙂

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    • This has been a very abundant year for us here in California. We are getting a second harvest of artichokes which I didn’t expect. I think we get violets twice because of the cooler nights here in the fall. It is 90 degrees outside today but the nights have gotten down into the 50’s.

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