Something Finished


Today I picked the last of the garden for dinner. And it is satisfying to bring the 2019 fruit and veggie harvest to a close.

The ever increasing cost of water, and the plentiful inexpensive produce here in California is having me question whether I will put in the time and effort again next year?

Blessings Belinda


9 thoughts on “Something Finished

    • The artichokes grow like weeds, which I guess they are, so we will still be munching on those next year. And tomatoes, we have volunteer plants every year, some better than others, and neither needs much water or attention. Well, except for me pulling them out when they begin to take over the paths through the yard. 🙂

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  1. And the way artichokes are priced here, they sure don’t seem like “weeds.” We love them!
    I tried a vegetable garden for a couple of summers, but my husband, who didn’t quite “get it,” finally asked the obvious question, “Why don’t you just go to the grocery store and buy some vegetables?” And the neighbor told me he saw a rabbit headed for my garden. “It was carrying a bottle of salad dressing.” Either from the frustration or the sarcasm, I decided to take up other hobbies.

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