God Willing

Georgetta Head

posted a challenge and I wish I was feeling up to doing it justice. Her posts are always a pleasure to read.

She listed five questions which resonated with me this morning. So I am going to indulge myself in a list!!! 😁

As always, I enjoy getting to know y’all better, so please give a quick answer to her questions yourself in the comments, or elsewhere if that tickles your fancy. Also if you want the complete mystery blogger format, head on over and link to Georgetta’s post, it is open to all.

Georgetta’s 5 questions:

What do you want to accomplish before you depart this earth?

~I would have answered this so differently just three days ago, and then on Saturday while I was in the hospital, so very afraid and isolated, Jesus came softly and brilliantly, and gave me a glimpse of the glory to come, and I was so ready for it then, but I realized that I also wanted more time to love on those people the Lord has put in my life, to keep pointing out the love and providence of God evident in their life’s, and to continue to be an encourager for them to keep God center and first with glory and honor. So what I want to accomplish is time to love my God and my neighbor more, God willing.

What made you follow my blog?

~Your devotion to the Lord

What’s your favorite food?

~Buttered Toast

What is your favorite thing to do?

~This is difficult, I like to do so many things: cook, read, garden, sew, talk to my children, jigsaw puzzles, write and read blog posts……But if it was what can you not live without each day, what do you yearn for, look forward to daily, it would be my quiet time with the Lord. He is the one I invite to have coffee with me each and every morning ❤️

Which place in the world do you wish to travel to?

~I am not much of a traveler. My favorite vacation spot is my garden or sewing machine, places I don’t get to visit as often as I would like.

But someday I would like to visit my cousin in Belgium and let her share her life with me. So one could say that it is not a place I want to visit, but rather her space, to enter her daily life and experience it with her.

Would I answer this question differently if money was in unending supply? Probably, but to covet what I do not have would only lead to dissatisfaction in what the Lord has so bountiful and graciously already provided for me. My cup overflows and I rejoice in His goodness!

Blessings Belinda

8F6E8C79-3778-4733-BEC8-81F4A701948EThe summer fruit is setting well,


And one of my favorites, California poppies, have arrived ❤️


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