50:35 Behold the Wonders

50:35 A Perfect Day?


Of course this could be a list, that is what I started to compile in my mind when I came to this question. However I came to the realization that the list was entirely to long after just a few minutes. Much would have to be eliminated to fit within a twenty four hour time span.

So that doesn’t work because perfect is complete, without a flaw of any kind.

Well, God is perfect, and this made me think of what would be my perfect day.

Be still and behold the wonders of God.

You know those moments that jump out at you unexpectedly. The ones where you’re just tootling along and bam! something in God’s creation stops you in your tracks, and you are overwhelmed by the wonder of it all; pure bliss spills from every pore of your body, and if asked to explain you cry tears of uncontrollable joy and love.

Well I think those moments are a glimpse of the very essence of God, a gift from Him to us as He cracks the fabric of the universe to give us a taste of His glory.

I don’t know about you, but when I am in one of those gifted moments, I stop everything, let His glory wash over me, and wish for it to never end.

And on a perfect day, it wouldn’t.




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