What is Sufficient?


It was eye opening for me to realize how privilege can work itself out, sometimes it is not about what you have, but what you don’t have that can make one privileged.

I had a racially diverse extended family growing up and never gave it a second thought until a cousin pointed out their mixed parentage, and the fact that even though they were very financially flush, they had not been able move to the suburbs until a new housing development was built with the sole intent of creating a diverse neighborhood.

We were poor, but we were white so we lived without having to give a second thought to the color of our skin. That is a privilege for sure, but not one I have any control over anymore than someone can control being born black and excluded.

However, I stand firm on the fact that I can be in a privileged class, lacking true understanding of the depth of difficulty of being non-white, without being a racist, and sometimes I think this is where communication breaks down for many.

It will be impossible to find common ground, a place of listening to each other, a place of healing, a place to merge such divergent world views and experiences, if one holds to the vilification and exclusion of whites from the process.

Blacks are justifiably angry over mistreatment, but the labeling of whites as an enemy because of the color of their skin doesn’t fix anything in the long run. It only gives fuel to the bigots to feel justified of their feelings of being exclusive in the first place, and thus dig in their heels in self righteousness.

Then as a society we are five steps back beyond the hope of a world where one could be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

In Christ,




3 thoughts on “What is Sufficient?

  1. I also come from a diverse family– of three races. And although I come from a white community, I know little prejudice. It was not something my parents fostered. As a child I caught what was not taught. So yes, I agree with you. Whites should be a part of the process. We are not the enemy. At least I can say this I am not the enemy.

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    • Hi Lena,
      I wrote a post today about prayer, and as I was on word press to paste it in, I paused to read a post by
      musingsofmanettekay.wordpress.com/, and this one came out of nowhere. Sigh….I had every intention of not going near this topic for love or money, but there it is, what can I say. You are right, not everyone white is the enemy, but I don’t take it personally if someone needs to think I am, so be it, and perhaps that attitude is going to be considered privilege too, but my worth is found in Christ, not this world. God is sufficient. Ephesians 4

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      • What a small world we bloggers live in. Manette Kay was just on my blog and I was on hers. I liked her enough to start following. I haven’t read the post you were referring to but there is always tomorrow. 😊 After posting my comment on your blog I realized there are actually 4 races in my family. It is so everyday for us I don’t really think about it. And like you I had decided not to write about this either. So I am glad you did so I could say what I think! 💖

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