50:37 What is a Home Town?

50:37 Describe your hometown. 

As I have been considering this question, it surprisingly has given me more trouble than I expected.

For I am fortunate to be living in a very nice town. It is safe and well cared for. Which made me question why I had been trying to escape from it for the last 40 years or so. Well I came to the conclusion that what I wanted to escape from was a past which no longer exists anywhere but in my mind, and I would be taking my mind with me where ever I go, so instead of wanting to move I have settled in, let go of the past, and could be happy here until the Lord calls me home.

But the thing is I could be happy somewhere else too, for it is not my location which makes me feel at home, but the people I have in my life. For I don’t go out much, even before the pandemic, and my attachment to places, or desire to go to other places, is solely based on the people I love who are in those places. It is interesting and sad at the same time, that I talk to those far away on FaceTime or Zoom more than I sometimes talk to those I live with. Not by choice, but it seems that more effort is made when the distance is greater. I need to change that.

Anyway, all that to get to the point that my hometown is my home, not a city. And now that I work remotely at home too, my world has physically gotten smaller, while technologically it has gotten larger. 

Regardless of circumstances life goes on. 

We still have weddings with live streams.

And Birthdays

And now that we all have become Zoom savvy, everybody comes and sings in the new year.

With FaceTime even the distant Little Miss Happiness knows the sound of my voice and gets to see the love in my eyes. And the stream of messenger photos remind me to appreciate the warm fall here in Southern California.

Which now that it is fall and the weather is cooling off, it is time to go outside and survey the last eight months of neglect in one of my favorite play places; the garden.

The lizards and bugs have been feasting on strawberries, but I did recover a few, and I will enjoy these last ones of the year.

There is a lot of work to do, but thankfully it is not as bad as I expected. 

The chrysanthemums are just beginning to bloom.

One of the artichokes survived 

The violets are beginning their fall bloom with the cooler temperatures.

And strangely this aloe will bloom soon and our hummingbird will be pleased.

And I think I will end with the Librarian, pumpkins, and the treasure hunt booty for Halloween fun.



Choose Yes

Always Come Back to the Solid Place

You must believe in the yes that comes back when you ask, “Do you love me?” You must choose this yes even when you do not experience it.

You feel overwhelmed by distractions, fantasies, the disturbing desire to throw yourself into the world of pleasure. But you know already that you will not find there an answer to your deepest question. Nor does the answer lie in rehashing old events or in guilt or shame. All of that makes you dissipate yourself and leave the rock on which your house is built.

You have to trust the place that is solid, the place where you can say yes to God’s love even when you do not feel it. Right now you feel nothing except emptiness and lack of strength to choose. But keep saying, “God loves me, and God’s love is enough.” You have to choose the solid place over and over again and return to it after every failing.

Henri J. M. Nouwen ~ The Inner Voice of Love


Blessed Wednesday