Every February 1st, like clockwork, we have our first daffodil. And what I find exciting about this one is that it popped up in an unexpected place; a place no daffodils have dared to go before.

So I’m thinking, maybe just maybe, it is a harbinger of future adventure and unexpected joy.

Of course nothing is the same as it was, good and bad. I can point out, if I was inclined, many and sundry changes that covid has brought to bear upon my life, and so far I am one of the lucky ones, for the scales are balanced between sorrow and joy because I choose to see it that way.

Anyway, today I am looking to the future, and desire to chart a course through it. To stop thinking about what was, and go and be what I dared not consider possible precovid.

Why not?

The world has permanently changed and there is nothing to do about it but change with it.

So I choose joy!

To look for it in the unexpected, unexplored places set before me.

For God is good, and this all I need to bring with me as I go seeking.


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