My Escape

So much to do and it is so late in the season. Having covid in January really throws a monkey wrench in the best of plans.
It is beginning to get hot, yikes, I’m late.
Only just got the verbena planted.
Another great grass war has begun with nut grass, I have lost many battles, but I WILL win the war and put in artichokes.
Nasturtiums are trying to choke out everything, I have become ruthless with them. But they are such beautiful invaders.
Loving whatever this is.
Help! They’re crying out, don’t forget us over here, we could use some love too. (They forget they have the roses, and just need to be patient)
This is the candy nectarine tree. These I don’t share, nope.
I bought the rainbow spinner you see trying to hide behind the apricot tree. It makes me so happy.
Our Blue Bird of Happiness was shattered and flew away this year,
This pink flamingo moved in to fill the void…..hum let me see, I guess it tickles me pink? Okay that works, he can stay.
Mightily rewarded are they that wield a shovel, yep!


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